amzone for Lebron 17

Гостевой доступ по сменяемому паролю. Запрещенные слова активированы.

amzone for Lebron 17

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“Avatar,” as its press notes announce, is designed to “deliver a fully immersive cinematic experience of a new kind, where the revolutionary technology invented to make the film disappears into the emotion of the characters and the sweep of the story.” That word “immersive” means that you’re not just watching “Avatar” — you’re soaking in it. The movie was made, and is designed to be seen, in 3-D, and no matter what anyone — particularly the movie’s studio, 20th Century Fox — tries to tell you, the technology and not the story is the big selling point here: If a less famous and less nakedly self-promotional director had made the exact same story with a bunch of actors in blue latex, the Fandango ticket sales wouldn’t be going through the roof. And if the technology is as revolutionary as Cameron has been claiming for years now, isn’t it disingenuous for the publicity to turn around and suggest that we’re really not supposed to notice it? In “Avatar,” the technology is everything.

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So with this last scene, I think the showrunners have betrayed the trust of their audience, by depicting a scene of brutality against Sansa Stark for no purpose. We already knew that Ramsay Bolton was a sadist and an abuser of women, we already knew that Theon Greyjoy was his tormented puppet. Showing Sansa’s dress ripped, showing her face shoved down into the bed, hearing her screams did nothing to reveal character, or advance the plot, or critique anything about Westerosi society or about our own conceptions of medieval society that hasn’t already been critiqued.

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The sergeant was wrong. It took the panel at?Hobart and William Smith Colleges 12 days to clear each of the football players involved of any wrongdoing.

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